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Adding AdSense

posted this on May 19, 2013, 6:38 PM

Google AdSense is a way to earn revenue by showing relevant ads alongside your online content on your own website.  You can add the ad using the HTML element in the IM Creator editor and choose where you want to place it in your site. 

You can see more information at

To add AdSense:

1. Create an Adsense account. You will need to provide the URL of your site and personal information, which will be reviewed and approved by Google. 

2. In your editor go to Add an Element > HTML.

3. Click on Edit HTML.

4. Copy the HTML code you will receive from Google and paste it into the raw HTML settings dialog box. Click OK.

5. Place the HTML box where you want your ads to appear. 

It can take Google up to four days to start showing ads on your live site.  Until that point, your site will appear to have no ads on it at all.  

IM Creator does not charge for adding ads nor do we charge any extra fees for that.

To connect your site to a domain, click PUBLISH > choose a subscription > follow the steps in our wizard to connect it or buy a new domain from us (if you buy a domain from us, we will then email you within 48 hours that the site is up)

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