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Connecting a domain to your Google Apps account

posted this on March 13, 2013, 9:18 PM

If you have a Google Apps account and wish to connect your new IM Creator site to it:

1. Log into your Google Apps admin account

2. Go to the Settings tab to Sites> General and click on Uninstall sites.

3. In the page that opens add the app engine ‘im-creator-hr’ > Add.

4. check the box to confirm and click on ‘I Accept!

5. You will reach the IM Creator App Settings. Click ‘Add new URL’ and enter ‘www’ in the info field. Click Add.

6. In the page with the CNAME check I have already completed these steps.

7. In order to link your 'naked domain' (, without the "www"), to, Go to Domain Settings> Domain names, under 'status' of your primary domain click the link to redirect your naked domain

Still don't see your site when you type in the domain without "www"? You may be viewing a cached copy of the page - clear your cache and try typing the domain name in the address bar again.




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