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Actions with Elements

Scott Everts
posted this on December 15, 2013, 10:30 AM

There are actions you can use to edit all the elements on your site.

  • Select: Click on an item to select it. A blue editing frame will appear.
  • Unselect: Click any other item, or on any free space.
  • Move: Select an element, then drag and drop it.
  • Scale: Drag and drop any of the editing frame’s corners.
  • Copy: Ctrl+C
  • Paste: Ctrl+V
  • Delete: Click the red “x” placed in the editing frame top tab (a.k.a “hat”);
  • Align: Right-click the element and choose More> Align and the alignment you want.
  • Move Element Backward/Front: Right-click the element and choose More>Arrange.
  • Replicate Element to all pages: Right-click the element and choose More>Replicate to all pages.
  • Attach to Page Bottom: Right-click the element, click on More and check the "Attach to page bottom" box.
  • Link: Select element and click on the link icon on the element's frame.  See video tutorial here

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