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Scroll to Element / Anchor

Scott Everts
posted this on December 15, 2013, 8:02 PM

Anchoring an element

(below is an example anchoring a contact form)

1. Click the 'contact' element, and click Set Info on the upper bar (located on the right side) 
2. In the "anchor" field - write a unique string, let's say - contact_anchor 
3. Add a 'menu' or 'sub-menu' element (since its still under testing, we included it only in additional menus and not the main one...) 
3. Click Manage Menu Items.
4. Choose the menu item you wish to anchor-link to the contact form and click set info 
6. Under "link type" choose scroll to element. (See more on links here)
7. Enter the unique anchor-string from step 2

Click OK and preview the page - click the menu item you just linked - it will auto-scroll to the contact.

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